Saying Things That Can’t Be Said

In this modern era the biggest question is, whether Technology and Social networking brings people closer together or draws them further apart. While chatting on Facebook or Skype can sometimes feel emotionally void.

Recently I have encountered some interesting projects that creatively help people communicate feelings and sensations over long distances.

The latest attempt to bridge the gap comes from Daniel Sher and Ben Hagin, two students at the Holon Institute of Technology. For their final project they created a series of beautifully designed objects that use technology to create a sense of intimacy between two distant people. Saying Things That Can’t Be Said consists of three pairs of devices that act as transmitters and receivers.

For example, ‘I’m With You’ includes two Japanese-like lanterns that can transmit heartbeats. As one person places the object upon their chest, its match begins to pulsate, just like a real human heart.

Another pair includes a pinwheel and a bubble machine. As one person blows on the pinwheel, bubbles are released at the other end.

While Saying Things That Can’t Be Said doesn’t replace the absence of a loved one, it humanises technology in an artful manner. And, with more relationships transcending borders, we might see an increase in similar projects in the future.

medium_daniel-sher-saying-things-that-cant-be-said-designboom-06 medium_daniel-sher-saying-things-that-cant-be-said-designboom-08 medium_daniel-sher-saying-things-that-cant-be-said-designboom-10 medium_daniel-sher-saying-things-that-cant-be-said-designboom-11


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