Getting started with SENSORS

Hello Friends,
This article is designed to teach about Sensors, Its types, and Various applications. This article is little bit theoretical but very useful to understand our daily used gadgets and equipment.

Sensor: Sensor is any hardware component that sense change in environment variables or monitor variables or detect particular events and convert theses input into electrical signal as output.

when we talk about sensors there is another term arises, called “Transducer“. Transducer and sensor are closely related and approximately same but differ in form of their output.
Sensors convert any kind of signal into electrical signal, but transducer covert one form of signal to another form of signal.
It is like every sensor is a transducer, but every transducer is not a sensor.Untitled

This article is about sensors so we will not go towards transducers, but the difference between transducer and sensor should be understood.

Types of sensors generally used: A large variety of sensors are used all around the world. Some of very Common and useful sensors are listed below:

  1. Ultra sonic sensor (USS)
  2. Temperature Sensor
  3. Microphone
  4. Accelerometer
  5. Gyroscope
  6. Magnetometer
  7. Fire Sensor



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